August 5, 2017


Photo Credit to Tristan Tamayo

Manila. BGC. / Yeah my blog is such a ghost town (again), IKR. It has been more than 3 months since I last posted worthwhile. I don't know what to do, I don't even know how to start this shitty paragraph. Oh god I think I forgot how to write, well to give you an idea what happen to me while I was gone, I am now in Manila, Greater Manila - Bonifacio Global City to be specific. I'm working here for good and I'm really excited for the days to come. It's been almost 2 months since I came here and so far so good. Manila is an interesting place to live, one thing that you'll notice is that how lively - and populated - the place is. I actually invited my bestfriend to move here in Manila and guess what? She did! She's really my bestfriend Haha. We haven't been able to start exploring Manila just yet but we are just so excited to start exploring and adventuring, in fact we already have somewhat a mini bucket list of places we like to visit first : Manila Ocean Park / Enchanted Kingdom / Star City / Rizal Park / Manila Bay / Manila Zoo. And once time (and budget!) fits, I really want to go back to Baguio again. Right now both of us are having issues with schedule, my off work and hers are not the same and we just don't have leave credits just yet. So yeah, we will have to work first then adventure later. I will surely keep you updated guys for the days to come.

April 5, 2017

Jumping Link Inside Pages

It is called Page Jumps or Anchor Tags. The ability to jump within the current open page. Theory is you have to create a "link" to a specific part of the page you want to jump-in. Have you ever visited websites with "Top" beside the article, this is usually how "Move to Top" works. This is also very useful if you have a very long article. Here let me show you. By the way photos used within the article is from the amazing and generous FancyCrave - they offer free stock photos.

Introducing Google Album Archive

I was tinkering on the blog's design just recently, I noticed that I haven't change the blogger's header for more years already then I decided to change it. Unfortunately I'm at the office hence I don't have with me my vast selection of header images I can choose from. Good thing I remember that - during the time where Picasa Web Album was still active, but not now anymore - Google automatically saves all uploaded header images, so I thought of just using the older header that I used previously. But Picasa is no longer available how am I supposed to recover my old previously uploaded images? Picasa Archive or Google Album Archive is the answer. Here lies all of your previously saved photos from all Google services such as Google Plus, Blogger and Youtube Channel Art. You will not be able to upload any photos here but instead you might want to use Google Photos if you want to upload photos.